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    Smart Gaming Bow is cleverly designed for easy assembly in just three simple steps. With a total weight of 600g. Enjoy a comfortable archery experience with its ergonomic design, suitable for both left and right-handed individuals.
  • HOUYI 2

    NEW level! Improved Precision: Tuned the bow's design for exceptional stability and safety. Quieter Shots: Enjoy the peaceful side of archery with reduced noise. Upgraded App: Explore a wide range of exciting games for an improved experience.
  • HOUYI 1

    HOUYI 1 is the world first smart recurve archery system for quick and easy home archery games. It uses real recurve bows and blunt dry-firing arrows to simulate a true-to-life archery experience.

Best choice for joyful exercise in real life.

  • A real recurve bow

    meticulously designed for power, durability, and an authentic feedback experience.

  • Triple Security

    Automatic arrow loading system with triple safety protection, ensuring your safety during joyful exercise.

  • WonderFitter APP

    features a variety of authentic gamified archery content. Some games include arrow weight and physics feedback.

  • With only 1㎡

    you can indulge in archery without any limitations. Avoiding bad weather, long distances and space constraints, while minimizing archery costs.

Game On and Get Moving

The WONDER FITTER application allows you to see, hear, and experience the seamless collaboration of innovative and diverse archery games.

More to come in the WONDER FITTER Worlds…

Olympic Archery

Olympic Archery is a game that lets you experience the thrill and challenge of archery, one of the oldest and most prestigious sports in the world. You can compete in five different distance, inspired by the real Olympic archery competitions.



🔥VR Archery Is Awesome! 🏹 Wonderfitter Real BOW and multiplayer APP

  • Company Vision

    Our vision is to make family sports entertainment more popular. Easy exercise for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

  • Technology Driven Sport

    High-precision sensors accurately track the position of your bow and arrow relative to the virtual target at all times, making every shot count!

  • Meet you at FIBO

    We gained a lot of fans at FIBO in Germany and got a lot of advice on product, it's a funny learning trip.