Q: Introducing HOUYI 1, HOUYI 2, and Artemis:

A: HOUYI 1 is the world's first smart recurve archery system for quick and easy home archery games. It uses real recurve bows and blunt dry-firing arrows to simulate a true-to-life archery experience, making it fun and easy to experience the joy of shooting, muscle toning, and mental focus in any place at any time. Great for adults, kids, and archers of all skill levels!

What's New in HOUYI 2: Enhanced Precision: We've meticulously refined the bow's structure, ensuring unmatched stability and safety, so you can shoot with complete confidence. Quieter Shooting: Experience the serenity of archery with reduced noise levels, making your sessions more enjoyable. Upgraded App Experience: Our Wonder Fitter App has transformed, simplifying navigation and introducing a plethora of exciting games.

ARTEMIS Smart Gaming Bow is cleverly designed for easy assembly in just three simple steps. With a total weight of 600g. Enjoy a comfortable archery experience with its ergonomic design, suitable for both left and right-handed individuals.

Q: Differences between HOUYI 1 and HOUYI2:
A: HOUYI 1 is the world's first smart virtual archery system. HOUYI 2 is an upgraded version of HOUYI 1 with improvements in materials and structural design. It greatly enhances safety, reduces arrow launch noise, and provides a smoother bow-drawing and arrow-firing experience. Both use the same smart virtual archery system.

Q: Differences between HOUYI and Artemis:

A: HOUYI and Artemis differ in bow type, weight, and poundage. Artemis is a game bow designed for archery gaming. It's lightweight (about 600g) with a 10lbs draw weight, suitable for casual and recreational use. HOUYI, on the other hand, is a series of recurve bows designed for archery training and sports. It offers both larger and smaller options. The larger bow is 62 inches long and has a draw weight of up to 20 lbs, making it suitable for entry-level archery training. The smaller bow is 48 inches long, weighs 900g, and has a 10 lbs draw weight, suitable for archery lessons for ages 10-15. HOUYI combines both entertainment and sports attributes.

Q: Differences between HOUYI and HOUYIs:
A: HOUYIs are part of the HOUYI series, specifically the "Youth set," with variations only in size and draw weight. HOUYIs are 48 inches in size with a 10 lbs draw weight. They are lightweight and designed for youth and older individuals to easily engage in archery. HOUYI, on the other hand, is 62 inches in size and can have a draw weight of up to 20lbs. It's more suited for young adults and individuals looking for a more physically challenging archery experience.

Q: Are higher draw weights available?

A: We are currently developing a smart arrow tube for professional archers, suitable for recurve bow training. It can accommodate users' bows and support a maximum draw weight of 50 lbs. If you have training needs, please stay tuned for updates.

Q: Is it compatible with VR?
A: All our bows come with accessories to fit VR devices such as Meta Quest 2 and Pico 4. We have a dedicated VR application that's compatible with Meta Quest.

Q: How much space is needed for the smart virtual home archery system?
A: We use virtual 3D scene distances within the application, so users only need to stand about 1.5 meters away from the screen to experience shooting distances of up to 70m.

Q: Does the flight distance of arrows in games depend on draw weight?
A: Some in-game arrows are set with real speed, weight, and physical feedback. During arrow flight, they will naturally descend, providing a realistic archery experience.

Q: Is HOUYI 2 suitable for beginners?
A: Absolutely! HOUYI 2 caters to archers of all skill levels, providing a safe and user-friendly experience.

Q: What's included in the package?
A: The HOUYI 2 package includes the smart recurve bow, smart arrow shaft, WONDERFITTER Aiming Module, and access to the WONDER FITTER app.

Q: Is the app compatible with my device?
A: The WONDER FITTER app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, ensuring an immersive archery experience for everyone.

Q: Can I practice with friends?
A: Yes, you can! HOUYI 2's multiplayer modes allow you to challenge friends and family to exciting archery battles, fostering friendly competition.

*If you have any further questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

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