WONDERFITTER Collaborates with World Archery at the 2024 Shanghai Archery World Cup

WONDERFITTER Collaborates with World Archery at the 2024 Shanghai Archery World Cup


WONDERFITTER is proud to announce its recent collaboration with the World Archery Federation at the 2024 Shanghai Archery World Cup. Hosted against the scenic backdrop of the Huangpu River, this event showcased the convergence of top-tier archery talents from around the globe and state-of-the-art technology from WONDERFITTER.

This landmark event was not just a platform for competition but also an exhibition of cutting-edge archery innovations designed to enhance both the sport and its enjoyment.

Featured Products at the Event:

  • HOUYI2 Smart Recurve Bow:
This innovative product integrates a traditional recurve bow with our advanced virtual archery system, enabling archers to enjoy the sport on large TV screens. Designed for realism and precision, the HOUYI2 is perfect for new enthusiasts looking to practice indoors.

    Set for release in June 2024, the HOUYI Pro is specifically engineered for the archery community. It features a maximum draw length of 30 inches and a draw weight of up to 25 pounds. Equipped with an infrared aiming system, the bow offers pinpoint accuracy and requires no calibration, ensuring that archers can "hit where they aim." This bow is perfect for those who seek both performance and convenience.

    • Artemis Smart Gaming Bow (VR Version):
    The Artemis VR bow transports users into a virtual archery universe where they can compete in an immersive, digitally-enriched environment. This bow is designed to bring the excitement of archery competitions directly into the home, merging the physical and virtual realms of the sport.

    A Glimpse into the Future of Archery: The 2024 Shanghai Archery World Cup was an excellent opportunity for WONDERFITTER to gather valuable insights directly from the global archery community, helping to refine future product developments and innovations.

    WONDERFITTER is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for archery, driven by technological advancements that make the sport more accessible and enjoyable. We are committed to continuing our partnership with the World Archery Federation and other leading organizations to promote and develop archery worldwide.

    Stay tuned for more updates as we aim to revolutionize archery, combining tradition with innovative technology for archers everywhere.

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